Rodong Sinmun: Οι εκβιαστικές ενέργειες των ΗΠΑ θα οδηγήσουν στην τελική καταστροφή τους

Πιονγιάνγκ, 28 Αυγούστου (KCNA) -- Οι ΗΠΑ θα πρέπει να γνωρίζουν ότι δεν μπορούν να αντιμετωπίσουν τη ΛΔΚ με οποιεσδήποτε οικονομικές κυρώσεις και στρατιωτικές απειλές και εκβιασμούς, ούτε να πετύχουν να αποκλίνει η ΛΔΚ από το δρόμο που χαράζει, γράφει η Rodong Sinmun την Τρίτη σε άρθρο της.

Το άρθρο συνεχίζεται στα αγγλικά έχει ως εξής:

The U.S. should know that it can neither browbeat the DPRK with any economic sanctions and military threats and blackmails nor make the DPRK flinch from the road chosen by itself.

Many countries gave up their choices under the U.S.-dominated world order, stepped back again and again and fell victim to the aggression at last. This painful situation is going on.

The U.S. has gone so foolish as to force the DPRK to do so.

The U.S. should clearly understand its rival. Its threats may work on some countries, and some others have yielded to the bluffing of the U.S.

The DPRK with a death-defying will to put an end to the U.S. ceaseless nuclear threats and blackmails had access to SLBM and ICBM as well as A-bomb and H-bomb by its own efforts in the face of the desperate obstructions by the hostile forces.

The DPRK remains unshakable in its stand not to put its nuclear deterrent on the negotiating table nor flinch even an inch from the road of bolstering the nuclear force unless the U.S. hostile policy and nuclear threats to it are definitely terminated.

If the U.S. runs riot, failing to stop its reckless try to stifle the DPRK, it will be bound to meet its final ruin.

The U.S. and its vassal forces should not run amuck in face of the tremendous national power, invincible spirit and will of the great Paektusan nation. -0-